Thursday 21 July 2011

Communicating With Your Cat

How far can be go when communicating with our cat? What I mean is how sophisticated can our conversations be? What kind of information can be transmitted between us and our cat?

Unbelievers or people who don't like cats will say that you can hardly communicate with your cat at all. I disagree and I am sure many if not all cat lovers would agree that you can understand the desires, emotions and thoughts of your cat companion provided you have a knowledge of cat sounds and have an empathy with your cat. Routines and body language also play a large part in understanding your cat.

How far can and do we go when communicating with our cat?

The video above has examples of the sounds our cat makes. There are a lot of nuances to the standard meow for example. The meow is a vowel sound. But it seems to merge with trills and grunts (murmur sounds) and other unclassified sounds. I describe the classification of sounds in the video.

It appears that cat sounds are work in progress from a scientific point of view. I am thinking both of the subtle variations on the basic sounds and their meaning.

A lot of the time the sounds our cat makes are expressions of an emotion, much in the same way that we make an exclamation when we are surprised.

But they are more than that. When we are intimately aware of our cat's preferences, his or her various vocalizations, routines and body language, we can better understand our cat's desires and feelings and be a better cat caretaker as a result.

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