Monday 18 July 2011

The World's Healthiest Cat

The Siamese cat was one of the first cats of the cat fancy. The cat fancy by the way is the group of people who breed purebred cats and show them at cat shows that they organise. They also formed cat associations to manage the cat fancy. There are too many of them.

When the Siamese was first introduced into the cat fancy in England from far away Siam it caused quite a stir. This was an unusual looking cat. It was a cat that was considered "exotic" in the same was the wildcat hybrids are now.

The truth is the Siamese cat is still exotic. In its pure state of seal pointing and standard conformation it is a very beautiful cat. All the selective breeding to add different color pointing and to make the cat thinner and "more refined" have probably failed. The beauty is in the original appearance.

Of course I am a purist. And I like things that are natural. But that is because natural is best. Nature can do the job better than us.

The Siamese cat today has many "body types" and pointing colors and even patterns that go far beyond the simple elegance of the original cats that lived with the King of Siam in the late 1800s.

Above video: I just woke up and it looks like it! But the info is I think useful and carefully prepared.

The body shape has been altered and molded through selective cat breeding as if it were an automobile that needed to be remodeled every few years to keep the customers interested.

We now have the super slender modern Siamese cat that the Cat Fanciers' Association (CFA) recognize. The CFA have rejected the original, traditional, Siamese cat as being too mundane. They have re-written the history books and say their version of the Siamese is the original. Wrong, sorry.

The cat fancy in their enjoyment of creating a cat that they feel is refined and elegant have taken their eye off the ball. They have compromised health. Overbreeding can have a negative impact of health. This is a bone of contention. How to get the cat fancy to focus more on health and less on appearance? Health sells cats because people are concerned about their cat's health even from the simple standpoint that it is cheaper to maintain a cat that is healthy!

Why don't the Cat Fanciers' Association create a cat breed that is marketed as the world's healthiest with no hidden inherited diseases? We have the longest domestic cat (the Maine Coon), the biggest domestic cat (F1 Savannah Magic); it is time to look under the bonnet and create the healthiest and most economical cat.

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