Wednesday 20 July 2011

Siamese Cat Tips

Siamese cat tips should be commonsense, really. We should do our best as good cat guardians and caretakers to make life as good as possible for our Siamese cat. That means satisfying his or her needs.

Siamese cats are like any other domestic cat in respect of fundamental needs such as safety, food and warmth etc.

The best cat food possible should be purchased - see best canned cat food and best dry cat food. Feeding an exclusively dry cat food diet is not recommended despite what you veterinarian might say.

The area where the Siamese cat is a bit different and to which some thought should be applied is company.

The Siamese cat temperament is said to be sociable. They like being around their human companion. The Siamese likes to be on your lap or on and in the bed. Note these points though: individual cats vary in character. Not all Siamese cats will be highly sociable. Also the cat breeds that are close to the Siamese, the Oriental Shorthair, the Javanese, the Balinese and the Oriental Longhair will have in general the same personalities.

The Siamese cat is also said to be intelligent. Perhaps in general more intelligent than the average domestic cat.

These personality traits lead to one overriding Siamese cat tip: they need you to be around, to interact with them, to play with them, to talk to them and to be stroked and petted by you etc.

So if you are away a lot and live in an apartment, it would seem that you might not be the ideal candidate to be a Siamese cat caretaker.

The best human companion for the Siamese cat would be a concerned and considerate retired couple!

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