Siamese Cat Drawing

Well, I have found a nice Siamese cat drawing. It is published here under a Wikimedia Commons license. This is a very good drawing of a cat. In fact it is excellent.

Cat (Siamese) (PSF)
Siamese Cat Drawing

This is a line drawing of a Siamese cat. The question is what type of Siamese cat? As you might know there are is a range of Siamese cat types.

This Siamese cat drawing shows a traditional type Siamese cat. In fact this cat is completely traditional in type. Siamese cats like this are called Applehead Siamese. I would bet that this Siamese is a seal point as that is the original form of pointing.

The image is in the public domain.

Pearson Scott Foresman, donated the image to the Wikimedia Foundation. Thanks Pearson.

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