Sunday 31 July 2011

Blue Point Male Siamese Cat

My roommate's cat by Lisa Brewster 
Photo by Lisa Brewster on Flickr.
I am guessing from this cat's facial appearance and body conformation that he is a male cat. What do you think?

One thing I needn't guess about is the fact that he has very nice blue pointing. It shows the difference between seal and blue very nicely.

You can see that blue is a sort of faded black which it is (dilute black in fact).

He looks like a classic to traditional Siamese cat (i.e. in between classic and traditional - see Siamese cat types). He is not as cobby as an Applehead Siamese in my opinion (or at least his face is too elongated to be a true Applehead) but neither is the face so rat-like as to be a modern Siamese. Sorry if that sounds like I am insulting modern Siamese - I am!

Thanks to the photographer for letting us use the picture.

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