Sunday 31 July 2011

Siamese Cat Key Facts

Date of Origin: we don't know! This cat breed probably goes back a thousand years. Another cat in Asia, the Japanese Bobtail goes back over 1000 years it is said so it is likely that the Siamese cat has a similar timeline.

Place of Origin: Thailand - was called Siam. Thailand is in Asia as you probably know.

Ancestry: Moggies in Siam but they were probably what I call a "de facto cat breed" although there were no cat associations at that time to record pedigree etc. What I mean is that they were in all  but name a cat breed at that time.

Names: Was called the Royal Cat of Siam (came from the King of Siam originally).

Outcross breeds: None.

Weight range: 2.5-5.5 kg or 6-12 lbs.

Temperament: Energetic, vocal and loyal.

Cat associations: GCCF, FiFe, CFA, TICA (and more lesser associations).

Colors: CFA accept traditional colors of seal, blue, lilac and chocolate pointing. TICA have a wider range including tabby and tortie pointing etc.

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