Wednesday 20 July 2011

Siamese Breeders in Massachusetts

Here are two Siamese cat breeders in Massachusetts:

Cats Cradle - They breed "traditional and classic oriental and colorpoint Siamese. Located: Tyngsboro, MA. These are going to be non-standard Siamese on my reckoning. Oriental Siamese are modern Siamese or Oriental Shorthairs but I am not a breeder hence the slight uncertainty. Oriental Shorthairs are the same shape as modern Siamese cats but in a much wider range of colours and no pointing. This is their website. They also breed longhaired Siamese cats - the Balinese.

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Sutton Meows - affiliated with the CFA and CCF - located in Sutton, Mass. Their cats are modern Siamese cats (slender) in the traditional pointing colors of blue, lilac, seal and chocolate. This is their website.

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  1. I tried reaching you by phone, but I was unsuccessful. I have been looking for a classic wedgehead Siamese for some time. I would much appreciate hearing from you. My phone number is 603-768-3441.My email address is Thank you very much.
    Mary Ann Kapalo
    Danbury, NH

  2. Hi Mary Ann. I am not a breeder. I am a website owner. This is one of my websites. I am sorry that you were unable to contact me but if you had I would not have been able to help you. This page may still be relevant and if it is you should use it to try and contact one of the breeders listed. I wish you the best of luck.


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