Siamese Breeders in Massachusetts

Here are two Siamese cat breeders in Massachusetts:

Cats Cradle - They breed "traditional and classic oriental and colorpoint Siamese. Located: Tyngsboro, MA. These are going to be non-standard Siamese on my reckoning. Oriental Siamese are modern Siamese or Oriental Shorthairs but I am not a breeder hence the slight uncertainty. Oriental Shorthairs are the same shape as modern Siamese cats but in a much wider range of colours and no pointing. This is their website. They also breed longhaired Siamese cats - the Balinese.

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Sutton Meows - affiliated with the CFA and CCF - located in Sutton, Mass. Their cats are modern Siamese cats (slender) in the traditional pointing colors of blue, lilac, seal and chocolate. This is their website.

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