Saturday 9 July 2011

Siamese Cats For Adoption

People searching for Siamese cats for adoption are looking for Siamese cats...obvious, I guess, sorry. I won't interfere in that process except to provide my thoughts and perhaps some pointers. They may help. They may not.

Potential adopters should be aware that there are different types of Siamese cat. Personally - and this is personal but based upon sound thinking, I hope - I would chose a traditional Siamese cat (Applehead Siamese). In my opinion they are the true Siamese cat and they are more healthy than the skinny over bred modern version. Please note too that the Balinese is a long haired Siamese cat and the Oriental Shorthair is the same cat but with colors and patterns that you can't get for the Siamese cats. Seal colored pointing is the original pointing and still the best.

As to finding a Siamese cat for adoption I would avoid the cat shelters unless you don't mind a Siamese mix or a Siamese without pedigree papers. A Siamese without evidence of pedigree cannot truly be called a purebred cat and all true Siamese cats are purebred.

That said if you want a cat that looks like a Siamese please go to a shelter. They need you, badly.

So, if I were looking to buy a purebred Siamese cat in the USA where would I begin. Well, I would do some research first. We need to because it will cost £10,000 over the lifetime of a cat to care for him or her. Possibly more for a purebred cat.

The first thing in fact is to look at ourselves. Do we have the right expectations if we are first time cat caretakers? A big question. Please read this (FDF file).

Provided we meet the requirements of a good human companion to a cat. I would contact a Siamese cat club and discuss things. In the USA you will almost invariably meet the modern Siamese cat but there are traditional Siamese cats too. The National Siamese Cat Club has a decent sized list of breeders. This page has contact details.

Please remember that the Siamese cat likes close contact with his or her human companion and is vocal. You really should be around a lot ideally. If you are not you might be better of with a breed that is more suited to being alone - see e.g. cat separation anxiety.

The Siamese Cat Club is for UK residents. This club has a kitten list page. The kittens on this site are modern looking Siamese but not extreme or the result of ultra breeding as far as I can tell.

If you want to research the Siamese cat this website and the pages on Siamese cats that are linked in the navigation bar should serve you well.

I think you might also check out the major cat associations for their breeder referrals. In the USA I would check:
For the USA, this website's page has a nice list of contact material. In the UK the Siamese Cat Association has a good list of Siamese cat breeders.

I have found that pricing is the same or similar worldwide. The price will depend on quality and whether you are buying a breeding cat or a "pet". 

Breeders seem reluctant to put prices on their websites. The ones I have visited have no prices, anyway. As at the date of this post I would expect to pay the going rate for any purebred cat, namely  between about $500 to over $1000 (USD - for the USA). In the UK the same numbers can be used for sterling.

I discuss the issue of pricing in respect to Bengal cats. Hope this all helps a bit.

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