Friday 8 July 2011

Some common sense and expert tips on cat feeding

Some common sense and expert tips on cat feeding.

Overfeeding leads to obesity. Vets see lots of obese cats! In the USA it is estimated that 40% of cats are obese. Staggering. Rib test: feel for a thick layer of fat over your cat's ribs. Individual ribs can felt in a cat with the proper weight.

Cats are better off with a diet that is higher in protein and fat and with low carbohydrate levels. Cats turn carbohydrates into fat. Dry cat food in often high in carbohydrates and is obviously low in water content. Cats don't compensate adequately for this low water level leaving them slightly dehydrated.

A common feeding error is feeding dog food to cats (do cats refuse dog food?). This should never be done. The dietary requirements for dogs and cats are different despite the fact that both are carnivores.

Cats require twice as much protein and vitamin D as dogs. Cats living off dog food can develop deficiencies in:

and can develop illnesses including retinal degeneration.

There is no need to provide vitamin supplements such a vitamins A and D, if the diet is a good one. Excesses in these vitamins can cause illness. Excess vitamin A can cause loss of hair and sterility and excess vitamin D can cause kidney disease and metabolic bone disease.

Raw fish should not be feed to the domestic cat as it destroys vitamin B1 - thiamin - which can cause brain damage.

Human scraps and treats are fine provided they don't make up more than 20% of your cat's diet. Cats like cooked meats, cottage cheese, cooked fish, milk and yogurt. Your cat might be dairy product averse - lactose intolerant, which leads to diarrhea.

Cats are individuals. Discover his or preferences and vary the diet for the sake of interest.

The position of the food might be significant and should be away from the litter box. Cats prefer food at room temperature.

Plenty of fresh water should be available particularly if your cat eats lots of dry food. Exclusive dry food diets are not recommended.

A perfectly prepared and stored raw food diet is probably best but few have the expertese.

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