Thursday 14 July 2011

Siamese Cat Vocalisations

We know the Siamese is vocal. Apparently show judges recognize this. Cat show judges are people who have a unique perspective on the purebred cats with veterinarians. No other person sees, talks to and handles more breeds of cat. They can make comparisons.

The cat show judge confirms that the Siamese cat vocalizations are similar to talking (meaning a variety of types of meow and other vocalizations) and the Siamese is the most outgoing with strangers and the most demanding of attention. To get attention the Siamese will use that well known voice. The voice can have a specific Siamese tone to it as well.

At the opposite end of the spectrum the Russian Blue is shy and withdrawn. The Persian is also considered diametrically opposite to the Siamese in terms of activity and vocalization demands.

In a survey veterinarians also reported that the Siamese cat was the most active and vocal of the mainstream cat breeds.

Remember though that the wildcat hybrids will have similar or greater activity levels. The Siamese voice, however, is very much his or her own.

Of all the cat breeds the Siamese cat talks most to his or her human companion. This will be a meow demand for attention and interaction (play, stroking, feeding etc.), I suspect.

This fits in well with the other Siamese cat trait that is well known; their liking of being around, with and on their human companion! You need to be ready and willing to interact with your Siamese cat.

See more at Cat Sounds - includes some audio files of Siamese cats.

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  1. Having been around several different Siamese cats throughout my life, I still can't understand why they have been labeled "mean" cats. The ones that I have known have all been very loving and kind. None have ever attacked for no reason.


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