Sunday 17 July 2011

Demystifying Declawing

Mid July 2011 - The American Veterinary Medical Association (AVMA) have made a video which "Demystifies Declawing". The AVMA is one of the world's oldest medical organizations. It was founded in 1863. Veterinary medicine has been in existence for 250 years.

My message to the administrators at the AVMA is this. It is still a great mystery to me and many others why you are living in the dark ages when it comes to declawing cats.

Although you have been around for 148 years which allows you plenty of time to evolve and become educated, you still allow your members, of which there are about 81,000, to mutilate cats at the convenience of their "owners".

Despite your endless attempts to argue your case through manipulated scientific research that can serve any purpose, you consistently miss the central and most important point about declawing. It is morally wrong. And you know it. All the arguments in the world cannot circumvent that simple fact.

You are consistent in one way, however. You consistently misrepresent declawing while trying so hard to present an honest face. You still call it "declawing". That one word on its own is a total misrepresentation. And you know it. You allow your members to present the argument that laser declawing is..Oh so much easier on the cat. Quick recovery..blah..blah. Wrong and you know it.

In your policy statement on declawing you leave the door open for your members to declaw for non-therapeutic reasons. Your members have driven a horse and cart through that door because nearly all of them declaw for reasons that are against the interests and welfare of the patient - the cat. And all of it is in clear breach of the veterinarian's oath that is frankly worthless.

To compound your failings as a governing body, you admit that "aggressive pain management is absolutely necessary" when declawing. Your members are putting cats through massive pain at the convenience of their "owners". These owners are not guardians or caretakers. They can't be can they? Personally I would describe them as the opposite. And your members encourage this.

I'll do my bit to demystify things. The reason why you cannot stop the practice of declawing is because you are toothless and immoral. Your members want to keep declawing because it is a big money spinner. And they pay your wages.

It is horrible and my message to all of you at the AVMA is: shame on you for behaving in such an immoral way.

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