Sunday 10 July 2011

Cat Broken Leg

I would like to speculate about "the cat broken leg". There are many ways for a cat to break a leg. Perhaps the obvious way is to be hit by a car and survive.

However, there is one way for a cat to break a leg, the foreleg, that I am not sure has not been discussed but I think it has happened on many occasions.

In fact I think it might have happened to my three legged cat and I think it is the reason he has three legs.

You know how some cats like to follow you around very closely when you are feeding them. These cats also rub against your legs as you prepare the cat food bowl.

They are at your feet and very close to you. You have your back to them as you prepare the food. Unless you are aware of them you would not know they are there.

You turn to place the bowl on the ground and you inadvertently walk into your cat. You do so with some force and you make contact with his front leg. You trap the leg between your shoe and the floor and this force breaks the leg badly.

The leg is broken in several places and the vet decides that it has to be amputated. Your cat is frightened of you walking around in the kitchen thereafter.

I have no idea if this has happened to Charlie or any other cat. But knowing the behavior of some cats I feel that it must have happened sometimes.

[Note: I am aware of Charlie's behavior and make sure I avoid contact with him but his positioning etc. give me cause for concern.]

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