Friday 22 July 2011

Cat dermatitis eczema remedy

People search for a cat dermatitis eczema remedy but the only sensible remedy it seems to me is to remove the cause of the dermatitis.

cat dermatitis
Photo by Rocky Mountain Feline Rescue

"Remedies" will suppress the symptoms perhaps. They may be effective. But if the underlying cause of the dermatitis is still present the cat's health will be negatively affected by that plus the treatment may well have side effects so the cat's health will be negatively affected by that too. Double trouble at least potentially.

I would treat the dermatitis to relieve discomfort as a temporary measure and urgently do work on finding out the cause.

Incidentally, I cannot find a reference in the index of the best cat health book, Cat Owner's Home Veterinary Handbook, to cat eczema.

A product that is said to relieve discomfort is this one: Feline Royal Coat EFA Express - Cat - $24.95
from: Pet Wellbeing Inc.

Chemicals that can cause irritant dermatitis (direct contact causing irritation) include:
  • acids
  • alkalis
  • detergents
  • solvents
  • soap petroleum by products
Allergic contact dermatitis (gradual sensitisation caused by contact) can be caused by allergic reaction to e.g. flea powders, flea collar, shampoo, certain plants, leather, plastic dishes, rubber dishes, carpet dyes and medications. Litter can cause dermatitis too. This may be caused by a chemical added to the litter to make it clump better. The feet and anus would show symptoms.

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