Sunday 3 July 2011

Free Blogger Layouts

You don't need to go in search for free Blogger layouts anymore. By free Blogger layouts I presume people mean templates for their blog.

Google are constantly upgrading their free facilities such as Blogger, Google Docs and Picasa Web. Fairly recently they made some big and fabulous changes to their Blogger templates.

You have enough options to totally personalise your blogger blog. You can even change the domain name to avoid having the .blogspot extension in it - use setting>publishing>advanced settings to do this. You'll need a domain name too. But it is good to have Blogger host your website as they have massively efficient servers that are fast and reliable. You can also use Blogger as a subdomain to your main site. This site is a subdomain to Pictures of Cats dot org.

Einstein Google Logo At Google Kirkland
Photo: by dannysullivan
Back to the free Blogger layouts. There was a time when you had to go in search of templates at third party sites. This was because Blogger templates, although very good, were limited. Not so now.

You can change the width of each column, the style and appearance of the template, the fonts in type and size, the background and much more.

There are a host of "widgets" that allow you to quickly add add on html, video, Adsense etc. to make the website look very professional very quickly.

You can built a site and write your first page in about a hour! One last important point. Google likes its own offspring so it favours blogs over other sites in search results provided the post is good and if the keyword has high demand and low supply your posts will be on page one of search results in no time.

One last point. Blogger templates are written by third parties, people unassociated with Google Blogger and often they are imperfect. Some functions don't work properly. Personally I would not recommend any Blogger template. Stick to creating good content and a website that functions perfectly - a Google one.

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