Sunday 3 July 2011

Modern Siamese Cats

Modern Siamese cat - photo copyright Helmi Flick

Modern Siamese cats are not that modern really as their development began mid 1900s. The term refers to the super slender "oriental" in appearance (in cat fancy parlance) Siamese cats that have been selective bred that way because breeders think it is prettier or more elegant, when in fact the vast majority of the paying public, the consumers, prefer the traditional Siamese cat.

The modern Siamese cat has become, however, the de facto standard Siamese cat, pushing out the Applehead or traditional. It is rather strange.

The major cat association the Cat Fanciers' Association (CFA) does not recognise the original more cobby and natural looking Siamese cat. It has been totally rejected by a misguided breed council or the organisers of the breeding programme of the Siamese cat.

Although the CFA have promoted extreme breeding in respect of the Siamese cat at the expense of the cat breed's health, they are firmly stuck in the mud when it comes to what colour pointing is acceptable. They only accept and recognise the conventional pointing colours: blue, seal, chocolate and lilac. It is sometimes hard to distinguish between the last two unless you are in the cat fancy.

Although I disagree with the policies of the CFA in relation to the body shape and appearance of the Modern Siamese cat, I do agree that the cat should have real solid colored pointing as this is what makes the breed what it is.

When the pointing is broken up as is the case with tabby pointing (lynx points) the cat no longer looks like a Siamese.

Read and see more on modern Siamese cats on this well visited page.

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