Monday 4 July 2011

Siamese Cat and Dog

Photograph by meknits (Flickr)

What you probably want to see is a nice picture of a Siamese cat cuddled up to a large or small dog. Well you can see those on the internet because there are lots of cats and dogs that are great friends. One heads the page. Or you might want to see a video of a Siamese cat and a dog. Well I have that:

What is interesting about the video is that the cat is genuinely annoyed and defensive so he or she would have claws out when slapping like this. As this is not hurting the dog, the cat must be declawed. I hate declawing by the way.

Moving on -- the following picture is unusual and I like it a lot.  The Siamese cat is looking over the fence at the dog. This Siamese cat lives with dogs so is not frightened but curious about his or her neighbor's dog.

Siamese cat and dog
Siamese cat and dog - Photo: by Tobyotter

Enjoy! See also cats with dogs or dogs with cats. The linked page shows lots of photos of dogs loving cats and cats loving and licking dogs.

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