Monday 4 July 2011

Do Siamese cats have thyroid problems?

Inquisitive Siamese cat - Photo by Tobyotter
See what he/she is looking at

There is a search term "thyroid Siamese cat". People perhaps want to know if the Siamese cat has a genetic predisposition to thyroid problems.

There is nothing that I can find using the best source on genetic diseases in purebred cats that suggests that Siamese cats have a predisposition to thyroid problems.

In fact the opposite seems to be the case. A malfunction of the thyroid gland causing an excess production of the thyroid hormone is called feline hyperthyroidism. "It is often associated with a cancer" (Cat Owner's Home Veterinary Handbook - page 529 updated edition at the time of this post).

This well respected source says that Himalayans (pointed Persian purebred cats) and Siamese "have a lower risk for this problem".

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