Traditional Seal Point Siamese

traditional seal Siamese cat
Traditional Seal Point Siamese cat
Photo copyright Stockexpert

The traditional seal point Siamese is the true original Siamese cat that was first imported from Siam now Thailand in the late 1800s and which became the first Siamese cat in the cat fancy in England. Traditional Siamese cats are called "Applehead Siamese". I hate that term.

All the changes to the breed have stemmed from that point.

The picture heading this post is a modern version of the traditional Siamese cat, while an older version going back to the beginning of the 1900s is presented below:

1911 Seal Siamese cat
Originally the Siamese cat had a kinked tail on occasion. This was considered interesting etc. Now it is outlawed by the cat associations. Show Siamese cats must not have kinked tails or be cross eyed!

See Siamese cat history for lots more.


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