Thursday 7 July 2011

Free Siamese Cats

You won't get free Siamese cats anywhere. Even if the Siamese cat is at a cat shelter, you will need to pay an adoption fee and travel there and back and then support your cat for the remainder of his or her life (estimated $10,000 all inclusive)....blah, blah.

In fact to search for "free Siamese cat" is not really that wise. If you are looking to avoid a Siamese cat breeder's fee and instead rescue a purebred Siamese from a shelter that is great. this cat a purebred Siamese? You may see registration papers and a pedigree but you probably won't so your Siamese cat will not be purebred. She might be a Siamese cat mix. That is fine. They are great cats but it may not be what you are looking for.

Feral seal point Siamese cat - Photo by Just chaos

But like I said above, even that process will not be free - far from it in fact. The point, that I guess I am making is that you have to go into cat adoption, purebred or random bred cat - it makes no difference - with your eyes wide open and with realistic expectations.

It is not necessarily that cheap looking after a domestic cat. In fact it can be expensive if you do it to a high standard.

In addition, in my opinion, based on careful research, the modern Siamese is prone to more illness that most other purebred cats and that means more visits to the vet. Free Siamese cats? No.

I have covered this subject before in relation to Maine Coon cats. Please read what I say there (there is some overlap of course) and more importantly what others have said in their comments. It is instructive.

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