Tuesday 5 July 2011

Blue Siamese Cats

Blue Point Siamese - Photo by SweetGirl©
This cat has some lynx pointing too.

Blue Siamese cats are not bright blue cats all over! I guess you knew that.....Blue means grey or grey/blue and it is an accepted color for the pointing of Siamese cats. It is one of the original color points going back to the mid 1900s. The other "original" colors are seal, chocolate and lilac. Seal, a dark brown or black, is the classic pointing for Siamese cats. The color blue in the cat fancy is a dilute black.

Blue is produced by the allele d "in the formula aaB-dd" (Robinson's Genetics). The color is black pigment (eumelanin) at a chemical level diluted by the effect of this gene. The pigment in the hair strands is clumped rather than evenly dispersed leaving colorless areas giving the dilute effect. Selective breeding can alter the degree of dilution.

The grey cat breeds are blue all over. Some cat associations allow a much wider range of color points that include lynx points (tabby pointing) and tortoiseshell pointing. The pointing is broken resulting in a cat that does not look like a Siamese.

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  1. You credited photo. Thank you.
    My cat recently passed away.
    You say he has lynx pointing too, i
    was just wondering how much you know on siamese cats.
    I am trying to figure out exactly what my siamese was, i knew blue point but i heard he was a applehead siamese.
    I keep searching online but i get mixed pictures some applehead with pointy faces rather than rounder.

    Just trying to figure it out because once i have grieved him long enough i want to get another cat and i would like to find one with the same personality.
    Super dog like, cuddly always want to be on us, etc.
    That is why i am trying to truly figure out exactly what he was.

    If you know more information on siamese please share i want to know as much as possible to get another siamese with same personality.
    This cat was very special.


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