Black Siamese Cat Breed

People search for "black siamese cat breed". There is no such thing as a black Siamese cat but the Oriental Shorthair is a cat breed that is closely related to the Siamese cat. I should be more precise. It is closely related to the modern Siamese cat, the cat breed that is very slender to an extreme.

The difference between the Oriental Shorthair and the Modern Siamese is that the former can be any colour/pattern including black while the Siamese as we know must have pointing.

It is a breed that was probably invented or created by a Siamese cat breeder who felt restricted by the limitations of the four pointing colors at the CFA but who liked the slender body shape. Most people, incidentally prefer the traditional Siamese shape over the modern.

Here is a video I made of a very vulnerable Oriental Shorthair kitten - a tabby - being photographed by Helmi Flick.


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