Tuesday 14 April 2009

Google Docs to Create Blogger Post

Google Docs to Create Blogger Post

I have not seen this on the how to do it Blogger websites. But you can use Google docs to create Blogger posts. This is a very relaxing way to write a Blogger post. One major reason why it is what I call "relaxing" is because the window input area is the width of the computer rather than a smallish Blogger compose screen. One important thing we forget is this. Google can under their terms and conditions discontinue Blogger at no liability to them. If we prepare pages in Google Docs they are there to be used elsewhere if we choose. Your work is saved. There are other benefits:
  1. You can use all the powerful and easy tools that come with Google docs. There are more tools than for Blogger. And lets not forget it is all free! Google docs is what is called, "cloud computing". The program and the file that is saved is on Google's servers. There is no saving to your hard drive. It works like all things Google, bl**dy well.

  2. Google docs have improved over the years and are now full of very nice and very useful tools. And dare I say it they are all easy to use. Perfect for the fearful internet user. I don't want heavy, over bloated MS Word and the like. I like simple, easy, functional and useful. And I think most people think the same way.

  3. Another great benefit. You can upload your Google doc direct to your Blogger site. It is easy peazy lemon squeazy. And, as I said, Google docs is now full of great tools. Great tables are a breeze and they format perfectly once uploaded into your blog on Blogger. Another fantastically useful tool is the form builder. This is very easy. I created two quizes using this tool (a) Lion Quiz and (b) Tiger Quiz. You are not, incidentally, restricted to uploading to Blogger blogs. This is a very flexible system. You can upload to other hosting services.

  4. And I love the next tool in Google docs. Never seen it until today. You can create a drawing in Google docs and it transfer to Blogger with the document in the same easy way. Note: at the time of writing this the images produced by this great tool only work in Firefox browser. Both Windows IE and Google Chrome surprisingly do not render the image. I am looking in to this and will get back asap.
google docs drawing

I love the way you can use Google Docs to create Blogger blogs. You can also write blogs with Windows Live Writer. Is this better?


  1. I think few people know this information. I'm glad you share it with us. It is really great.

  2. Great deal. I like as well your previous posts. And I'm gonna add you to my boomarks right now ;-)

  3. Thanks. Google have improved Google Docs since I wrote this so things work better and Docs now is excellent. I use it all the time and never use MS Word etc.

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