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Twitter Helps Blogger Traffic

Twitter helps Blogger traffic? Yes, perhaps. It took me a week to figure out what Twitter actually did! Now I think I know. It is a kind of high speed mini blog/social network/rss feed type thingy...........Of course since writing that opening line Twitter has become very well known!

You probably know that with Twitter you make short posts of no more than 140 letters. This constitutes a "twitter". Definition of "twitter" = To speak rapidly and in a tremulous manner: twittering over office gossip.

The main point is this. After you have signed up, you search for people who have similar likes, ideas and tastes and follow their twitters (their short posts). Posts can contain links. The links are not, it seems, conventional in that they probably don't provide "inbound links" that Google recognises in terms of Page Rank.

The people you follow are told that you are following them and they may reciprocate (follow your twitters). If they do follow you, you build up a network of like minded people. Then as a Blogger blog person you add a TwitThis button on your blog (see one below the post). Next, after you make a Blogger post you click on your Twitter button and this automatically saves a twitter (plus link to the post just made) to your Twitter home page (***note: make sure you are on the post and not just homepage by clicking on the title to the blog post, which loads the post not the website***). The automatically produced mini Twitter post is picked up by your Twitter followers who then click on the link in the post, which takes them your Blogger blog post. Eazy peazy lemon squezzy........Kinda - in theory. (***note: when you click on the TwitterThis button you go to a new window where you sign in. Twitter then asks if you want to twitter the post and choose yes!). Of course the main objective is for Twitterers who are visitors to do the same thing in large numbers!

A similar model is the well established Yahoo Groups. Yahoo Groups works on Email though. It is a network of people connected by email. It looks a bit outdated compared to Twitter.

With Twitter helping your blog, the important point, as I see it, is to follow as many people as you can. This will please the people who own Twitter as it generates activity and will get more traffic to your blog. Twitter helps Blogger traffic provided you participate on Twitter to a high degree. One blogger has apparently 26,000 followers and he follows a similar number! You gotta do it big.

Update: 21-4-09: The 26,000 figure above is incorrect. It is meant to refer to John Cow's Twitter but I checked and although he has a high number of followers (and he follows a similar number) it is about one fifth of this figure at 4,000 + followers. That is very high and he has a Blog that is successful (Alexa 46,000). So he thinks that Twittering is useful, obviously. This must be a good recommendation.

Further update!: 23-4-09: There is a John Chow and a John Cow! The former has over 20,000 followers and makes big bucks by blogging and the latter has as stated about 4,000 followers and also makes big bucks! I got 'em mixed up.

On the RHS of this blog I have a Twitter updates widget, if you want to, have a look at Twitter.

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