Saturday 4 April 2009

Can We Let a Purebred Cat Out?

Can We Let a Purebred Cat Out? This is a question asked by a person who wanted to buy a purebred cat in the UK. But she thought that if she did she would have to keep the cat indoors all the time because she was frightened that the cat would be stolen and sold. Or worse, ransomed. There were some cases of ransoming some time ago but not recently. This person was thinking of buying a Siamese or Burmese. Both are attractive cats.

The classic and probably the best answer is that the best course of action is to adopt a moggie from a rescue center. The personality of a rescue cat is just the same if not better and in the long run it is character than becomes the dominant factor in respect of whether one forms a good relationship with a cat.

My mind turns to a recent submission from a visitor to this site (see it here). She adopted 2 Maine Coon kittens from a breeder. One was a female and the other male. The female was, it seems nervous and hid. After a while she and her partner thought there might come a time when they would have to give her back to the breeder. They decided to keep her and to accept her for the way she was. This was a fine and utterly correct decision. Both for the cat and the people concerned. It was also highly moral and there was a reward at the end of the road as is often the case.

After a while the girl Maine Coon changed, settled in, and her true character shone through. And what a character. Totally adorable. There is always a great reward for doing the right thing. The point I am making is this. In answer to the troubling question posed above, the best course of action is probably to adopt a cat that needs adoption and find that precious and meaningful relationship that is always potentially there. It is down to us as to whether it materializes or not.

The answer to the question, "can we let a purebred cat out", is not cut and dried, though. A purebred cat is just as nice and good. But, yes, there is a chance of theft. In America a purebred cat is probably kept in permanently. In Britain it is probably 50:50 whether the cat is kept in. Whatever happens if a purebred cat is let out the event must, I think, we supervised or there needs to be a large secure enclosure if total peace of mind is desired and the cat is to remain safe. The world is becoming increasingly hostile for the domestic cat -- and us.

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