Saturday 4 April 2009

More Hostile World More Indoor Cats?

I argue that there are more indoor cats than before. The formula is a "more hostile world the more indoor cats". And I mean hostile towards cats (and probably people). There are probably more purebred cats and cat "owners" ( I prefer keepers or why not companion people) than 50 years ago and purebreds, on strictly financial terms, are more valuable than moggies. So we agree that there are more purebreds. Now, cats would normally (years ago and in the wild) go to the toilet on earth. The cat litter is the substitute. Earth does not need renewing as for a cat litter. As cat litter does, it leads to the question as to what is the optimum number of litter trays in a multi-cat household?

Cats, we know, like clean litter (don't we like a clean toilet?). It would seem to be the case that 1.5 litter trays (boxes) per cat is the minimum. The most problematic area in living with cats is what the vets call, "inappropriate elimination". And one major reason why cats "inappropriately eliminate"(pee on the carpet) is because the litter was "inappropriate". So as cats become more often indoor cats, the question of cat litter becomes more of a more pressing issue.

Other matters in relation to cat's litter are:
  • It sould be kept clean. Commonsense, yes, but surprisingly commonsense is often overlooked. It should be cleaned at least once per day.
  • It should be located in a quietly suitable place and left there so our cat gets used to the routine. Think how we would feel about using a toilet in a major thoroughfare.
  • Don't skimp on size. The one I bought for my cat is covered and is large. The larger the better and an investmemt that is well worth making.
  • Apparently cats prefer clumping litter. This is usually clay based. I disagree. For humans a wood based litter is best. And cats won't mind. It keeps the tray cleaner (much cleaner) and it suppresses smell far better. Once we have got used to cleaning out used litter it takes the same time as for clay based clumping litter. However, an environmental question. Which one, wood or clay, is the most environmentally friendly? This is a factor.
So the formula is, more hostile cats, more indoor cats, more thought and care about cat litter.

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