Monday 6 April 2009

Cat Thief

This is not to criticize a cat. I love 'em all. But they can be pretty stealthy when it is called for. And it is usually called for in respect of their favorite object -- food. When it comes to food they can turn into a cat thief. This first video, though, is not so much cat thief as cat Sumo wrestling stand off! The big white boy out psyches the cat that was eating and then in true stealth style gently hauls it towards him. You can see how he got the better of the situation by the fact that the black and white began to back off.

And the precision in the way he hauls the bowl towards him is impressive. This is about alpha cat, I think and big whitey is alpha over big black and whitey. Now some people think he asked for permission:
No thievery. 1) Intention shown 2) Last chance given (she waits) 3) She says ,sorry if you do not want,I take it ...
Persians are best diplomats

I am not sure, as I said, that this is a correct assessment. Now this Bengal cat is acting more like a genuine cat thief. I love the way he or she creeps up to the pencils and gently grabs one, oh so precisely, by the mouth. Once again the intelligence and adeptness of the this cat breed is demonstrated well:

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