Saturday 18 April 2009

British Shorthair Cat Tails

British Shorthair cats seems to be fascinated with each others tails! Maybe a Brit SH tail is particularly pleasant to play with. And I am serious. The Brit SH has beautiful dense and plush fur which is very pleasant to stroke. The Brit SH is noted for great fur so maybe that makes the tail more manageable and pleasant.

Then the next is a blue Brit SH:

I love the way the tail is nibbled and grabbed and the owner of the tail seems to like it! And the guy or girl in the background is totally out of it. Of course a cat is never so totally out of it to not be in a position to wake up in about half a second and play as well. And that tail. A lovely solid chunky thing of beauty it is!

And finally we have simply gorgeous Scottish Fold (note the ears) playing with her tail. I think Japanese people like the Scottish Fold. But they have their own national cat, the Japanese Bobtail.

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