Tuesday 7 April 2009

Animal Cruelty Statistics USA

Animal Cruelty Statistics for the USA are hard to find. Even the most respected of sources, HSUS, which provide some information, are unable sometimes to provide up to date information. Reporting of animal cruelty is not great, is it? I don't think we really have a handle on the problem.

A lot of the figures come from media reported cases. What percentage of the total cases are media reported? No one knows as most animal cruelty happens behind closed doors unannounced. Lets guess, I would say about 10% is in the media.

USA Animal Cruelty Statistics provided by HSUS plus some info.
Most common victims of animal cruelty (media reports) Dogs (64.5%) - 2007
Percentage of cruelty cases involving companion cats 18% (2007)
Animals abused in connection with domestic violence (between people) 1,000,000 (estimated)
Number of men or women assaulted by partner annually USA 2,168,000 (2000)
Households keeping a companion animal 65% of households (2006)
Percentage of domestic violence victims who said partner also victimised pet 71% (1997)
US States that don't have felony provisions for animal cruelty (2009 src: HSUS) Arkansas, Idaho, Mississippi, North Dakota and South Dakota
What is a Crush Film? A film showing the death by crushing of an animal
Are Crush Films allowed in the US? Yes, protected as freedom of speech.

In the UK, it is no better. If you go to the RSPCA website, and search for animal cruelty statistics you simply don't get what you are looking for. I would like to see some real numbers, recent numbers and trends to see what is going on. Is it getting worse or better?

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