Thursday 2 April 2009

The Economy and Companion Animals

One reason why I was at the G20 Summit demonstrations was because the broken banking system has affected the economy and what affects the economy affects ordinary people and what affects ordinary people affect companion cats and there are numerous examples of that (see, for example, Homeless cats and people).

A professional version of my vid (below).

There is a sort of a war out there. There are those people who want change, those who want to keep things as they are and those who don't care or think about it. The people who want change as those at the bottom of the pile. The people who want to keep the status quo intact are the people who make the most money out of the current system. They maintain their status because they run the world and when the people at the bottom protest as they are at the G20 Summit it is all forgotten eventually and nothing happens. People have short memories. Politicians and bankers use this to maintain their position.

G20 Summit demonstrations
G20 Summit demonstrations outside the bank of England. The building in this picture is not the Bank of England by the way.

What of cats? Cats that are in decent households want the status quo maintained. Sure they don't express it but if things changed downwards they would object! Those cats that are abandoned because of the economic crisis don't complain (cats don't, they put up with things) but if they could voice their opinion they would make it clear that they wanted things to change. The abandoned cat and the feral cat are at the bottom of the social ladder.

Update: Here's the funky, 1960s style video:

I would even expect the lives of feral cats to have taken a turn for the worse because cat charities are less well funded. I can think of a major charity in the UK which has almost certainly lost £11 million in the collapsed Icelandic banks scandal. This is Cats Protection. This is the UK's oldest cat charity and rescue network, created in 1927. They invested unwisely and all in one place. Their huge loss has affected the welfare of many thousands of cats. See Cats Protection Organisation.

The Economy and Companion Animals to Teh Kitteh

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