Fat Cat Wont Eat Mouse

My fat cat won't eat the mouse she caught. Good thing I guess. This is the first mouse she has ever caught! True. I was more proud than her than she was of herself. But, yes, I am thinking of the mouse too. But it is natural isn't it. At least what cats do is natural, ain't it. Yeh. She is a cool dude.

And yes, she is overweight and yes again it is partly my fault. And partly her fault. She is a very static lady. And I iz a very lovin boy. One problem recently is that I am feeding 3 time share cats who pop in sometimes and that means food gets left out for them, which she snacks on.

In the past I could control her diet more accurately. I am working on a way to recapture that despite the time-share cats.

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  1. hi mate if your cat gets any bigger he will get die/bitsy for over eating because i had a cat called tigger who had the same thing u need to go to the vets for a blood test befor it gets out offhand lick my tigger it was good news and he went on to live to 21 years + he parst away larst monday good lick mark and kay


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