Monday 6 April 2009

Cats and Mirrors

Cats and mirrors go together like strawberries and cream. They make you smile:

The trouble with this video, described as Cat jump. Mirror. Pure that I don't find it hilarious because in slow motion (which is shown) this looks pretty nasty. I don't want to be a damp blanket (yeh, why not!) but the cat was travelling. This was a full blooded jump with purpose. So, yes, nice video but not so sure really about the morality of filming it because this was planed by the video maker. Here is another cats and mirrors video:

This one is better as this little Ragdoll kitten is not getting hurt and what I particularly like is the way she (he?) is arching her back making herself look bigger. So she thinks that this is a foe, in the mirror, or is not sure because she plays and kinda fights or is preparing to fight. Obviously cats cannot recognise themselves. I think that this is rooted in the lack of ability to be self conscious, meaning to be aware of oneself. Nice video. Here is a third:

You can see how (a) this is a kitten again (a black and white moggy). It seems that kittens, being more innocent, are perhaps more prone to being interested in and deceived by a mirror and (b) this kitten got bored quite quickly because the mirror image didn't actually do anything and to sustain play there has to be something coming back! Cats and mirrors are fun though.

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