Thursday 30 April 2009

Content is More Important than Look and Feel

This is a short post to remind ourselves that content is more important than look and feel. It is far less fun for some people but in terms of getting traffic, look and feel is much less important than content. The way I see it is this. The website, be it a blog or a conventional website must meet a minimum standard on look and feel. By look and feel I mean the overall appearance of the site. It should give the impression that it is professionally produced. But once that standard has been met, leave it alone.

But, and this is a big but, ultimately, people are searching for information and once they have noticed the look and feel (in passing) they are searching for the information that they want and they want it quickly.

Sometimes the look and feel and design of the site can get in the way of finding information. It should really be pretty plain and well organised. Sounds boring but a simple set up and design is best. You have only got to look at Google to see how the experts do it.

Playing and tinkering with look and feel can be fun but it is taking you away from the more difficult stuff – producing good content. Content is god.

I see some websites that are fabulous looking but no one is looking because no one is finding it. So, if you want some fun designing a great site, you are doing it for yourself because very few other people are going to see it.

And lets remember this. The internet is not static. The opposite, in fact. Every day there is more competition so you have to focus on the god of content and get through look and feel fairly quickly. Or treat yourself to a look and feel tweak after you have produced some content.

Content is More Important than Look and Feel. There are many sites with plain and poor looks but they are a thousand times more effective and visited than the fanciest of blogs.

Content is More Important than Look and Feel to Home Page

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