Friday 1 May 2009

Adding Technorati Tags to Blogs

Adding Technorati Tags to Blogs is of questionable benefit in terms of bringing in more traffic. But if it can be done easily, indeed almost automatically, perhaps we should give it a try. Research by as to whether Technorati tags are useless resulted in the conclusion that they probably or possibly were of no value. But they are meant to:

  • facilitate people finding your blog
  • increase the traffic coming from Technorati
  • increase the keyword density of posts
  • increase search engine traffic

Well, notwithstanding that gloomy start to this short post, I am adding them using the best blog post editor, namely Windows Live Writer. Yes, it’s a Microsoft product and it is damned good. And it is a free download.

With Windows Live Writer you can add Technorati tags with a click of a button almost:

You can also add tags for other social bookmarking sites:


I think I’ll add Technorati tags for a while and do a bit of research myself! By the way I always add an internal link, which Google likes, as follows:

From Adding Technorati Tags to Home Page

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