Wednesday 20 May 2009

Search Engine Optimization Orlando

The phrase, “Search Engine Optimization Orlando” is a pretty good keyword and keywords are the start of search engine optimization. I suspect that people in or near Orlando search online using the above phrase. They are probably looking for someone nearby who they can visit to seek advice on getting their website noticed by the search engines. Perhaps they are looking to buy internet success (generally not possible). Google is the one to be noticed by as it has a good 50+% share of the search engine market.

In fact, the top five search engines showing market share are (courtesy

  1. Google: 53.6%
  2. Yahoo: 19.9%
  3. Microsoft: 12.9%
  4. AOL: 5.6%
  5. Ask: 1.7%

So how do we please Google? Well, personally, I wouldn’t go to a so called specialist (you know what is said about "experts") and spend your hard earned revenue. The reason I say that is because at its core, search engine optimization is relatively straightforward. And the more you understand it the more simple it looks and becomes. So people who are looking for a consultant could find all they need to know for free on the ‘net. In fact it may be the case that the fees charged by an SEO consultant work out more expensive than employing someone at their business to learn the ropes, do the SEO work and maintain the site. And if you are the type who is looking for a consultant you are probably a business making a profit employing people.

People searching for “Search Engine Optimization Orlando” either are about to build a new site or run a site that is not being found by the search engines. If the latter is the case it may simply be a question of waiting as at the outset it takes time for Google to recognize your site’s existence. It may take several months to get truly recognized. It is generally a slow process. So, patience and persistence count big time. However, if you have a site that is well established with a decent Alexa and PR (Page Rank) ranking your post should get seen earlier by Google.

Probably still the most important element of search engine optimization is choosing the right keyword. I have built some pages on keywords and optimizing a site generally so won’t repeat them here but link to them below. However, I would like to expand on the subject of choosing a keyword. And what better example than discussing the keyword for this post, “Search Engine Optimization Orlando”? A post in blog terms is a webpage. Every post is saved as a webpage. A website is a bundle of web pages linked together.

To find a suitable keyword to do with search engine optimization I used a piece of software. It is called Brainstorm It! It is based on a business called Wordtracker. But Brainstorm It! refines the information and presents it in a more useful manner, in my view. Brainstorm It! is one of the many tools offered by SBI to optimize your site. I asked the programme to find me keywords in relation to, “search engine optimization”. It found 800 keywords. That is a lot of keywords because it is a very popular subject and that means that there are a lot of websites competing against each to try and get noticed in providing information on the subject just as I am in this post.

Of the 800, I refined the list to just 21 keywords. How did I refine the list? I chose those keywords that had lots of demand and not much supply. This is the same as opening a business. If in your area of operation market research indicates a financially viable number of people are crying out for a certain product but the nearest supplier is 100 miles away then the demand is high but the supply in the area low.

This is a photograph of the top 5 of the 21 keywords in a printout:


You can just see that the top one is “Search Engine Optimization Orlando”. This is a form or market research because it tells me that there are not enough SEO consultants in Orlando. Keyword research is market research as well and both the customer (the person seeking the service) and the service provider can benefit from it. Although, commonsense dictates that we should not rely on it without some qualifications/discretion from us, the human brain. It is a bit like GPS navigation systems. We need to add some wise human thought to what the machine brings to us.

You can see that the top line has Value Demand as 3049 and Real Supply as 54. Brainstormer ranks the keywords usefulness under Profitability. If profitability is over 1000 I will take a serious look at the keyword. In this case it stands at 56463, a good number. This then is a good keyword with high demand and a low supply. Which should mean that this page has a reasonable chance to get listed on page one of a Google search. That, though, is not the whole picture but it is an important element in the whole.

The next stage is to produce good quality content that is useful to visitors. In other words the content is like a desirable product in a shop. The content is built around the chosen keyword; in this case, “Search Engine Optimization Orlando”.

For an overview of the other elements in search engine optimizing your website, please go to:

A word of caution. There are no quick fixes and instant, sustainable successes. Why should there be? Why should the internet be any different to on the ground? Sure there are sites that grow quickly to become very successful but these have often had millions of dollars or pounds invested in them which was earned somewhere else (the hard way).

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