Tuesday 5 May 2009

Cats and Printers

Cats and Printers go together like cats and mice. Cats treat printers especially the ink jet kind as if they were mice or certainly living creatures and the consequences are often hilarious. The following video I particularly like:

Now, I shouldn't get too serious over this but Molly the cat in the video reacts to each pass of the ink jet cassettes. She reacts to the sound and it is a preparation for defense and/or attack to an animal. The sudden jerk of her body indicates that. Her whiskers go forward slightly and she attacks the nearest object which she confuses with the source of the sound. Great video.

The next one generates a similar reaction in the cat. The printer is a laser printer but the sound and action of the printer creates the impression to the cat that it is an animal and the cat pokes and prods it to test it; to see if it is dangerous etc. before attacking it properly, which the cat never gets around to doing because the printer never reacts to the prods and pokes:

The video maker appears to have thought he/she was holding a still camera as it is 90 degrees out of alignment! Cats and printers show us a bit about cat behavior. Here he is again doing the same thing but looking a bit like he is trying to repair it..........

...........when in fact he is once again prodding it as if it was a mouse. We have all seen cats play with mice when they have caught them. They prod them to get them moving and to check 'em out. This is the same thing only the mouse is bigger, noisier and made of plastic and metal. Cats and printers are a great team.

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