Sunday 10 May 2009

What is an Internet Blogger?

What is an Internet Blogger? Some, indeed many people, still ask this and rightly so. For many of us blogging, the internet, website building etc. is almost second nature, like driving a car but for many millions it is all a complete mystery. Sometimes it is a mystery to me too.

This short post is designed to explain to people, who are curious about blogging, what is actually is. First some terminology:

  • Blog: to write or edit an on-line journal
  • On-line: on the internet
  • Journal: A diary; an account of daily transactions and events.
  • Blogger: a person who keeps and updates a blog
  • Origin of the word, “Blog”: a contraction of the word, “weblog”, which is an online log of events.

Conclusion - definition: An internet blogger is a person who makes entries on a regular basis to a website that acts as a dairy of events. Blogs are characterised by pages being dated.

This definition can actually be comprehensively amended and updated because over recent years people found that the free software provided by companies such as Google (Blogger) and Word Press was so good and easy to use that it was very suitable to use it as a pure website. Accordingly many Blogs are in fact simply websites with a vestige of the concept of a journal remaining (i.e. each page is dated automatically).

Blogs usually have a theme, which is the bloggers area of interest. But this need not be the case. After all, Google Blogger provides “labels” to identify different topics. Many blogs are online newspapers. The concept of a blog fits well with news events, obviously.

To simply record personal events can, it could be argued, become rather pointless and uninteresting to others. A simple diary of events that is completely inline with the concept of a weblog has therefore become somewhat redundant as competition increased. This is one reason why blogs are often no longer pure blogs but websites in the classic sense but with a different blog style layout (i.e. dairy style).

Corporate blogs are thought of as marketing tools for the company in question. They can also be a useful way of communicating with customers. High profile people/organizations have blogs to get the word out. Barack Obama (White House) has a blog. The White House also has a Twitter account. Twitter is a form of blogging. One major difference being that the diary entries can only be a maximum of 140 characters long.

What is an internet blogger? A person who makes regular dated entries online on a website for the public to read.

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