Sunday 24 May 2009

The Tiger Human Conflict

The tiger human conflict is for ever on the increase. In this post, Human and Wild Cat are Forced Together , I referred to a leopard, in India, being forced to approach people and which was eventually killed. It would be as the human is the top predator.

The tiger is in equal danger and I have just read a report ( that confirms what I have been banging away at for a long time, that its habitat is being so radically eroded that it is almost bound to become extinct in the wild. The area of concern is the famous India’s Sundarbans. It is here where the tiger is making a last stand being forced to live a life different to that which is natural to it amongst the swamps and sea water (but nonetheless surviving). Once again the increased human population in the area and the shrinking size of the area (due to raising sea levels) is causing that classic tiger/human face off that can only lead to one outcome, more killed tigers.

The tiger is being squeezed on all fronts by us. The rise in sea level is due to global warming caused by us (or so it is reliably claimed) and the inexorable and unregulated rise in human population in the area combine to extirpate the tiger. India, try as it might to put the brakes on the tiger’s demise, is failing. This is due to many factors, the greatest of which is lack of commitment. OK, they are stepping up protection or to put it another way the authorities are doing more to keep the two species apart. It is a sad manifestation of the dysfunctional nature of the world.

We in the west cannot complain. We have done our bit and more to eradicate the tiger from the world. The tiger human conflict continues. We cannot, it seems, live in harmony. The tiger will be the loser.

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