Wednesday 8 April 2009

Cat Afraid of Mice

Is there such a thing as a cat afraid of mice? According to Jav in England there is. Here is his short story:
Once there was a mouse in the cupboard. We got our cat tiny and put him in front of it to get rid of it . He screamed meow then ran out as quick as a flash. Now we know that he is afraid of mice.
So, yes, cats can be afraid of mice. Pretty well most forms of a cat's behavior is developed in the first 6 months of life and if during that period if a cat becomes traumatised by a mouse for whatever reason, it may affect the mouse throughout its life. This is a link to a post that talks about a genetically engineered mouse that was unafraid of cats. It resulted in the cat not attacking the mouse. Another reason why a mouse was not in danger from a cat! When a Mouse has no Fear of a Cat.

This is a video in which a kitten is afraid of a mouse. Only the mouse is clockwork and the kitten is half afraid and half interested in playing. I suspect the same reaction occurred for Jav's cat.

Now, the classic scenario is, of course, cat chasing a mouse or hunting mouse (domestic cat hunting).

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