Saturday 25 April 2009

Bengal Cat Photography

Bengal Cat Photography -- Here is a short clip from a part of a video that I am going make. It was taken about one hour ago at a cat show in Oklahoma, USA. This cat, in fact, did not like being photographed and made that completely clear. He growled and as a last resort, for a cat, he scratched, Ken, the cat wrangler.

The cat's name is Kopa owned by Dana Zauf. You know photographing cats can go very well. It can occasionally be trouble free. But what they say about working with animals and children is true. This fine purebred cat did not like cat shows, apparently, and was a different cat in a cat show and being photographed at a cat show than he was at home. Sometimes it is almost impossible to get a good photograph but if it can be done Helmi and Ken will do it. Bengal cat photography can produce some spectacular photos though as they are so athletic. This is shown in this short video clip.

I'll come back to this page and show you the finished still photo from this photographic session.

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