Thursday 2 April 2009

Cats Protection Creating Live Rehoming

The famous and venerable cat rescue organization in the UK, Cats Protection are creating live rehoming pages for their main site. This will be a searchable database of individual cats. The Communications Manager, James Blake, says that, "The functionality of the site will allow users to search for cats by age, breed, colour etc and will offer a postcode search facility."

James responded to a request from me as to whether Cats Protection would consider adapting the model, which is well known throughout America by people looking to adopt a rescue cat. Petfinder work with independent cat rescue organisations to allow them to present to Americans, on a very active and interactive website, cats that are in their care. People can search for and see individual cats then make contact with the shelter concerned.

At present Cats Protection simply lists their shelters and the person seeking to adopt a cat contacts the center by phone and then by visiting. Of course they has to be a meeting between cat and human at some stage but initially the process can be facilitated. The current system at Cats Protection is cumbersome and an old fashioned method. In the modern world of the expanding and improving internet it could be argued that this is not good enough particularly as Cats Protection is a very wealthy organisation by cat rescue standards. Or they were until they lost £11 of precious donor's money that was invested in bankrupt Icelandic banks (see Cats Protection Organisation for more on this story). They may be able to recover some of this but I have serious doubts whether they ever will, which is tragic for homeless cats. As I recall the money was earmarked for 2 new shelters, which are now on hold. That in itself means that cats that could have been rehomed are now possibly being euthanized.

Anyway, I am pleased to hear from James that Cats Protection are creating live rehoming pages. This will be a major step in the successful rehoming of cats. The next question is how long will this take and when will it be up and running? I'll return to this is about 6 months and see!

This is a video they produced about neutering your cat:

Cats Protection Creating Live Rehoming to Home Page

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