Friday 3 April 2009

Renegade Cat

The Renegade cat is one of those almost invisible experimental cat breeds that are on the far fringes of the cat fancy. There is very little to say about this cat breed and no pictures I am sorry to say. Although it is possible to a certain extent to visualize the outcome of a mating between a Maine Coon, a large semi-long haired and much loved cat breed with the athletic, shorthaired and spotted (usually) Bengal cat, also much loved and popular.

So this is an experimental Maine Coon x Bengal cross producing a large cat with tufted ears with the appearance of an Abyssinian! I think that the objective is to produce a large wild looking cat with a bit of wild blood. This is probably a breed too far, to be honest. It seems sometimes that cat breeders check the books to find out which cat breed has not been breed with which cat breed and then to chose that for a new experimental cat breed. May be I am wrong, I don't know.

The Renegade cat is unlikely to make progress but I could be wrong about that too.

P.S. Updated: Click on this link to see a claimed Bengal X Maine Coon cross.


  1. New website opens west midlands ragdoll & persian kittens available

  2. I own 2 "renegade" kittens by default...breeding was not intentional but was not prevented either. They do not look like Abyssinians. Our female is only 9 pounds and very much resembles a bengal with rosettes but with ear tuffs and thick tail fur and rings like a maine coon. OUr male is 19 pounds and has many maine coon traits but with shorter fur. Hope this helps


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