Monday 6 April 2009

Cats Playing Fetch

We all know dogs can be trained to play fetch. They do it "professionally", after all. I am thinking of gun dogs. Dogs are arguable more useful in a strictly utilitarian way. But cats playing fetch are all over the 'net and that athletic star, the cat with bling, the Bengal cat is the one most likely to be doing the fetching. This is because of the wild blood in the Bengal. They are wildcat hybrids and even the 4th generation cats from the wild, called SBT (Stud Book Tradition) cats have an estimated 12.5% wild blood.

The wildcats have to be smarter than domestic cats in order to survive and this ability it passed down to the hybrids which also include the Chausie and Savannah, for example. Here is a young spotted Bengal cat playing fetch with extreme discipline and proficiency. He is a frisky boy:

Q: you have a nice house and a cute kitty! did you have to train it or does it just do that by itself? soo cuteeee~!

A:Thanks :)
I didn't have to teach him..I think Bengals just naturally like to fetch..go figure.
They used to be quite expensive but now I think you can get one for like $200? Maybe even a free one at an animal shelter but I dont think many people would give one up..they're lots of fun :)
But it doesn't just have to be Mr Bling who is the cat playing fetch. Here is a Siberian cat doing it just as well. Siberians look like Maine Coons and Norwegian Forest cats (NFCs) and may come from the same ancestors. He clearly loves this game as he is purring. And he plays with great vigor and enthusiasm:

Who said cats can't be trained and be useful (not all Bengals need training - see comment above)? Siberians like NFCs are particularly good jumpers. And this shows in the video. Despite being a large cat and a tad overweight (no criticism intended) she or he jumps bl**dy well. Siberians are meant to be hypoallergenic. This is not true as there are no hypoallergenic cats unless we believe the Allerca cat story. See Fel D1 too.

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