Monday 6 April 2009

Cat Olympics

It's the cat Olympics. This video is the cat equivalent of the 100 meters relay at the end of the Olympics, only there is no baton and a slight lack of cooperation, almost competition amongst the athletes, which is not going to improve their chances of winning. We'll have to get a trainer in.

If it is not a relay race it is tag wrestling. You know, the fake wrestling when there are two wrestlers on each side and they take turns. Bengal cats are known to be active and athletic. If there was a cat Olympics there would be a large number of Bengal cats in the team.

What other cats might make star athletes in the cat Olympics? All the wildcat hybrids would be there:
The domestic cat can run at about 30 mph max. The Bengal can do this speed. Certainly the one, Daniel, who lives with a neighbor of mine. He would be in the sprints. Bengal cats have a similarity, on a domestic level, to the cheetah; fast but of limited duration. Now the next video is the kind of Olympics that most of us and our cats normally do - the watching kind:

Now, the kind of cat that might, classically be a watcher, is the couch potato of cats, the Persian. The Persian, in any event would be unable to sustain any endurance due to poor breathing. I am talking about the modern flat faced Persian. Persian cat health.

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