Monday 6 April 2009

When a mouse has no fear of a cat

If the mouse can't smell the cat it will not be scared. When a mouse has no fear of a cat it will not produce fear pheromones. In which case the cat can't smell the mouse. If they can't smell each other they behave like they do in video. This means that the whole thing about a cat chasing a mouse is about smell only.

But what if the cat is hungry and can see the mouse? Does eyesight play a part? Well according to these Japanese scientists, no, but I might not be getting the whole picture. I think there is more to it than just plain body odor, important though that is in the animal world.

There is a well circulated picture on the internet of a cat, dog and mouse all getting along fine. This was achieved by proper socialisation. A cat won't chase a mouse and the mouse won't be frightened of a cat if they begin their lives together and are together for the early part of their lives. How does the genetically engineered mouse with no fear fit in with the socialised mouse with no fear? No ide because I don't know what kind of genetic engineering took place.

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