Friday 17 April 2009

Cats Can Swim

People in the cat fancy know that cats can swim but not all cats like to do it. The ones that do tend to be the wildcat hybrids. Some of these cats relish it and jump in the bath or the shower. This comes from the wildcat background. The Asian Leopard cat lives near water and you've got the Asian Fishing cat. He just lives in the water, practically.

But this video is something different. The cat appears to be a doll face Persian (chinchilla). In any event the cat is a long hair and he or she swims in the swimming pool in a calm and competent way. Although they don't do this out of choice. I think that is the key difference.

Perhaps the lesson is that all modern domestic cats can swim instinctively when called upon to do it. But by choice they avoid water.

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