Sunday 9 March 2008

Lynx an attractive wild cat

Lynx wildcat

The Lynx is attractive wild cat, particularly when she is photographed as well as she has by the Flickr photographer known as Little Lioness (photograph above reproduced under creative commons and copyright Little Lioness). You can see that rustic, coarse, functional tabby coat in the picture above. This cat looks very "jowly" (wide at the cheeks) , a male domestic cat attribute. There is a strong "eyeliner" around the eyes, something that some cat breeders would kill for.

This is a solitary cat endangered in Canada (and Spain - the Iberian Lynx) and is also found in northern and eastern European countries such as Russia and Slovenia, Poland for example. She is also, of course, found in the USA. She is hard to spot being shy of humans (wise, must have learnt).

There were some reports of matings between the Lynx and domestic cats in the US but these are not DNA test verified.

This wild cat is medium in size (at the bottom end in her size range, the Canada Lynx weighs about 25 lbs, and is not that much larger than a large domestic cat). The Iberian Lynx is a bit heavier at about 28 lbs and the Eurasian Lynx the heaviest as 46 lbs. A large Maine Coon might weight 20+ lbs and some Savannahs (a hybrid wildcat) have apparently weighed in at almost 30 lbs.

Hunting Lynx is illegal in many countries, thankfully. Hunting in general ought to be illegal in my opinion. There is no place for it in a modern world. It is a barbaric throwback to a time when it was necessary to hunt to stay alive. Now it is just a cruel sport.

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