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House Cat Breeds

House cat breeds - Doll Face Persian - photograph copyright Dani Rozeboom. Dani runs a cattery, Yeri Shaes (named after a superb Persian named Yeri). She has an enclosed garden as far as I can tell. Dani is a fine (one of the best) cat photographers and her cats are fabulous.

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A search for House Cat Breeds probably means the person is looking for a domestic cat that is suited to permanent indoor living. Keeping cats indoors in far more common in the USA than the UK (and perhaps on the Continent in Europe). Although some people assume that it is OK to keep a cat indoors, I discuss whether this is OK.

It is almost accepted by many that their cat will never go out and I guess cats get used to it. The best solution, though, is an enclosure and they aren't that expensive. I let my cat go out (without an enclosure) because she is old, nervous and a bit scared and therefore doesn't go far. There is also a large garden for her to go into.

As to suitable cats for indoor living one cat springs to mind and one group of cats come to mind as unsuitable. The former is the Persian. The Persian is meant to be on the low end of the cat intelligence spectrum (the Sphynx at the top end). I am not sure if this is true, I somewhat doubt it, but it does seem to be inline with the sedate "doing nothing" type nature of the Persian that makes her suitable to be one of the house cat breeds.

Other house cat breeds that come to mind as being similar in character are the Himalayan (pointed Persian), the Ragdoll (known for an accommodating and docile character) and the RagaMuffin (a Ragdoll with a wider range of coat types). Another for this list would be the Sphynx.

Although the Sphynx is intelligent and quite lively this cat breed is naked and rare and this cat stands out from the crowd very noticeable. These factors make this cat less than suitable roaming outside where (s)he would be in danger. It's warmer inside too (in most countries). Sphynx cats feel the cold a bit more.

A final cat that comes to mind is a designer cat that the breeders claim is suited for the modern age. Modern age living means being at home less and having less space; and includes apartment living. This cat is an exotic cat - the Toyger. She is an ordinary domestic cat in terms of mentality but a fantastic looking cat. The best examples have a superb and eye catching appearance. These then are the most suited cats on my assessment. Of course all the cats between those mentioned and the most active will also adapt to indoor living but I personally think it a bit cruel.

Indoor living forces inactivity. If you add convenience cat food like dry food (high in carbohydrates and frankly not that natural for a cat) you are heading for potential health problems for your cat. This may come from becoming overweight, unless you are careful.

Of the cats that are probably unsuited are the more active and inquisitive cats (a Shpynx is inquisitive but the other characteristics override this). Such cats are the wildcat/domestic cat hybrids. These are definitely unsuitable; too demanding and active. An example would be the Chausie and the Savannah. The Bengal is in this category (strictly speaking) too but as breeding has developed this cat breed can now be considered a middle of the road domestic cat, almost but not quite. The Bengal is still very active, inquisitive with particular characteristics.

One last point. People searching for house cat breeds might simply be looking for domestic cats. If that is the case just start here and pick one.

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  1. Ragdolls are not indoor cats! I had two (now only one) and they both loved playing around ouside and around the neighboorhood!

  2. Thanks anonymous. Perhaps all cats are not indoor cats. It is just a matter of finding a breed that can tolerate it more than another breed and the supposed laid back nature of the Ragdoll springs to mind.


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