Friday 28 March 2008

Cat Breed Selector

Abyssinian Cat rescued
Abyssinian cat - Rico - a rescued (National Abyssinian Rescue, U.S) Aby and a charming and handsome boy cat photographed by his foster mum editrx (photograph copyright editrx). The Abyssinian is probably the best cat breed. Rico is three years old in this picture and small, weighing just 5 lbs.

What is a cat breed selector? Can you have such a thing? I'm not sure you can. I don't think that you can have a computer program that selects a cat breed for you as there are probably too many variables. In any event you need to look at the cat breed to get a good idea of appearance, which means looking through lots of pictures of cats. The idea of pushing buttons and getting the name of a breed at the end of it is, probably, unworkable.

As a substitute you can do some quick and easy research, by first looking at pictures of cat breeds. You have got to make sure that the cats that you are looking at are of the correct type (i.e. correct appearance for a cat of that breed). A lot of cats of a certain breed are not very typey (you can see some of these on the big picture websites such as Flickr and Photobucket for example, you can also see some great typey cats).

Fortunately you can see probably the best pictures of cats of the best cats on this and its main website. That's the best cat breed selector you can get. The cats that Helmi photographs are normally show cats photographed at shows. You couldn't get better than that. Helmi works and lives in the USA, the biggest domestic cat market in the world by far.

I'd have a look at all the cat breeds first, they're on three pages listed from A-H, J-P and R-T with easy access from the pictures to lots more information and more photographs. These pages on each breed contain information about health issues as well, where appropriate. Some breeds have genetic disorders and some have propensities to disorders.

Once you have seen the breeds and whittled the list down you can read about health issues on one page, which includes a summary of the most common illnesses and genetic disorders.

If you're looking for a large cat you can see what I think is the biggest cat breed and the smallest cat breed.

If you're looking for the rarest of the rare cat breeds and/or all the cat breeds, I discuss that on this page.

If your looking for a cat breed that became a breed because of a genetic mutation look at these cat breeds: Dwarfs, Scottish Fold, The Rex cats - start at the Devon and end at LaPerm, Hairless - The Sphynx, Peterbald and Don Sphynx, Tailless cats - start at the Manx and go from there (you can see all the genetic mutation breeds in the photographs in the alphabetical listing mentioned above).

That pretty much covers all you need to know and see. One last thing, I argue my case as to the best cat breeds as well - see if you agree. This page is a manual cat breed selector.

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  1. Rico looks just like my Aby, Bollinger who I rescued aged 11 1/2 - he's 17 now and I have to say the most amazing personality, quite unbelievable, and still behaving like a kitten. I sometimes wonder what he would have been like when he was a kitten. This breed is superb if you want an intelligent cat who is entertaining, bright, and will truly love all those who surround him :)


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