Wednesday 12 March 2008

Cat Anger and Jealousy

angry cat
Angry cat © zalgon

Do cats feel anger and jealousy? People who mistreat cats think not, obviously. In fact the Chinese culture directs Chinese (although not all Chinese think this way) to think of cats as non-sentient beings akin to vegetables. If it moves eat it mentality.

I think cats have emotions. This is not a sentimental view but one based on observation over a long time.

Here's a story from a Yahoo Group. A favorite boy Siamese cat was loving and friendly towards his female human companion and keeper. Until a new Bengal cat came on the scene. He became angry and jealous towards his human companion when she played with the Bengal kitten.

What to do? Was it really anger? His behavior had certainly changed and he wanted to scratch rather than kiss his human companion. All the signs were there demonstrating emotion of the wrong kind.

The trouble was how to deal with it. It is hard to convey a subtle message that you still love your boy cat even when a new cat is on the scene.

The remedy in this instance was Dr. Bachs Holly remedy. Designed for humans but just as good for cats, it seems.

The Bachs Holly remedy is for anger arising out of jealousy or envy and suspicion - just the thing. It worked fine and he is back to kissing again. This is a true story. I have given a little rescue remedy to my cat on occasion to reduce stress which for my girl cat can lead to stress induced Cystitis. I then take a bit myself.

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