Monday 31 March 2008

PA Persian Cat Breeders

Photo copyright Dani Rozeboom

Here's a list of PA Persian Cat Breeders. The picture above is of a Traditional Persian (see details below). The breeders listed breed Ultra Persians (I expect), although I have not checked that out. Ultra Persians have more extreme looks including flat faces.

I don't have first hand knowledge of these breeders and you should always visit a cattery. Some have websites. They give some clues as to the efficiency of the business. They are only clues as a visit is a must. One final thing, catteries eventually stop trading and I have not tested these websites or rung around so some may not be open for business although that is unlikely:

1. Sybil Cattery, Pocono Mountains and run by Sylvia Bruckman. They specialize in bicolor. Visit the cattery for details

2. Byhishands, located New Freedom and managed by Susan Daniels. Website:

3. Karkens, located Fairless Hills, near Philadelphia and managed by Karen and Ken Efaw. No website. Telephone: 215-945-2775

4. Leeblooms, located Kunkletown and managed by Bonny Hadley. No website. Telephone: 484-547-5469

5. Preciosa, located Ephrata and managed by Emily J Fowler . Website:

6. Mcjax, located Reading area and they ship within USA. Managed by Joseph Mcintyre. No website. Telephone: 610-777-2787

7. Davandras, located Levittown and managed by Sandra Rinkevich. No website and the phone number is Telephone: 215-945-1579

8. Persian Dream Kittens, located York and managed by Elena Snyder. They ship in USA. Website:

9. Shadenshadow, located Philadelphia area and managed by Jennifer Smetanick. Website:

PA Persian Cat Breeders - photograph of Faolan a splendid Traditional Persian living with Dani Rozeboom at Cattery Yeri Shaes.

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  1. avoid Persian Dream Kittens, I have the whole story of our experience with them on my blog.

    Our kitten had fleas and a congenital heart defect causing her to only grace us with one week of her life.

  2. Karkens cattery has a website it is I have had two cats from here, and they are healthy, and wonderful.


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